Graphic Novel, 120 pages

Published in 2012 by Drawn & Quarterly

ISBN: 9781770460676

Jinchalo is Korean for "Really?" and that question (formulated variously as "What is and what isn't?" "What is real?" and "What is imagined?") is at the heart of this book. A companion to Matthew Forsythe's vastly successful OjingogoJinchalo stars the same little girl as its heroine. When the mischievous shape-shifter Jinchalo hatches from a mysterious egg, he starts our heroine adventuring anew. Magical troubles drag the pair out of the safety of her home, through the small village where she resides, up, up, and away. In the course of their flight, they visit a robot garden, follow a vine into the clouds, and leave the village far behind.   


“Forsythe here creates a world as strange, intricate and ineffably profound as those in animator Hayao Miyazaki’s films.”

-Maclean’s Magazine

“Silence from characters requires illustration with verve, and Forsythe hardly has a stroke that doesn’t feel vivid like a child’s imagination…”

-The National Post