Comics Class

Graphic Novel, 44 Pages

Published in 2011 by Koyama Press

ISBN: 9780986873966

Matthew Forsythe imparts his unique brand of comics knowledge in Comics Class a loosely-drawn, quasi-autobiographical comic about the comics class Forsythe once taught. Hegelian dialectics, sexual politics and the detestable use of clipart in comics are just some of the issues that Forsythe tackles with his disaffected class of 11-year-olds––that is when he isn’t challenging them to arm wrestle.


“…Comics Class manages to give a primer-level introduction to the creative tension and construction of comics, wrapped in some very funny tales out of school…”

-The National Post

“The most impressive thing about Comics Class is that it manages to do so much in such a small amount of space. It is smart, witty, insightful, and a lot of fun to read.”

-Battle Hymns